Jens Saltin Facts

A Presentation of Jens Saltin – Head of Expansion Operations at the E-Commerce Company Klarna
Jens Saltin was born in 1981 in Strömsund, Jämtland. Today, he is Head of Expansion Operations at the successful e-commerce company Klarna. The company Klarna was founded in 2005 and is now one of the most important actors in the e-commerce market. Klarna’s success is based on the concept of facilitating online shopping.

Jens Saltin received an M. A. in Business Administration from Handelshögskolan, Stockholm. During his college years, he and a few friends founded Handels Poker Society. And during the 2005 Handelsdagarna, Jens Saltin served as Head of Company Relations.

Between 2006 and 2008, Jens Saltin held the position of Equity Sales Analysis Assistant at Nordea Capital Markets in Stockholm. During 2006, we also worked for the hedge fund Rubicon in California.

In 2007, Jens Saltin had an internship at the Bank of New York in New York City, where he worked with non-U. S. companies and their security representation in the U. S. financial markets. The following year, 2008, he worked for the well-known Goldman Sachs in London, in its Capital Markets Department.

In August 2009, Jens Saltin was employed by Klarna.  Initially, he worked in the company’s product development division, where he helped launch Klarna Mobile, a service that facilitates shopping on mobile devices.

In January, 2010, Jens Saltin became Klarna Mobile’s Key Account Manager, Sweden. He held this position until March the same year, when he was appointed Klarna’s Head of Sales in Sweden.

Jens Saltin moved to Amsterdam in February, 2011, when he was appointed the company’s Chief of Operations in Holland. Since 2012, Jens Saltin can also title himself the e-commerce company’s Head of Expansion Operations.

Currently, Klarna has about seven hundred employees in six countries. But the company is rapidly growing and will in the near future expand into several new countries.

Contact information:

Jens Saltin

Klarna AB

+46 (0)765 2 600 67

Norra Stationsgatan 61

SE-113 43 Stockholm